Make AI Work for Your Business

Companies using artificial intelligence have an extraordinary and unfair advantage over the ones that are not, or not using it effectively. At Dais AI, we understand that our clients are at different stages of the digitization journey and have different objectives, expectations, experiences and resources.

That's why we partner with you to explore the effective use of data to grow your business rapidly, create a critical differentiator and discover opportunities to support your business development efforts. Then, we work with you to identify, analyze and evaluate project objectives, helping you prioritize them for maximum return on investment.

Our approach to integrating AI and machine learning solutions relies on three main building blocks: Data, Infrastructure and Talent.

Data Readiness

The effectiveness of our solutions depends on the availability of data. For our machine learning models to be effective, we need access to large amounts of data in order to derive value and generate reliable results. Before any of your data is fed into our machine learning models, Dais AI helps you collect, collate, explore, prepare and clean the enormous amount of data accessible by your company. This is a pre-processing step for any of our efforts.


The technology environment, both software and hardware, must be in place to run AI solutions effectively. Today, there are multiple cloud service providers who provide solutions and offerings for AI infrastructure along with open source software. Dais AI works with multiple providers and customize those solutions based on your needs.


Talent is vital to the development of AI and machine learning solutions. Dais AI provides access to experienced technologists and data scientists throughout the duration of your effort. Dais AI manages the end-to-end AI solution per your requirements and provides a comfort level through Proof of Concepts prior to developing full solutions.


Our Approach

Stage 1 – Identifying the Opportunity

Stage 2 – Feasibility Study

Stage 3 - Data Collection

Stage 4 - Prototype Development

Stage 5 - Solution Development

Stage 6 - Solution Implementation

Stage 7 - Ongoing Maintenance

Identifying the Opportunity

Dais AI helps identify areas where advanced analytics, AI and machine learning solutions will provide the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. We make sure it is creating a critical differentiation and saves money for your company. Dais AI works with you to identify the different AI project scenarios and helps in shortlisting and prioritizing the projects as per your requirements.

Feasibility Study and Evaluation

Once the business applications of AI have been identified, we will evaluate those areas where machine learning can help solve the specific business challenges and provide the greatest return on investment for your company. We will carefully document the business and data requirements.

Data Collection

Once all business and data requirements are finalized, our team works with you to gather and prepare the data. The effectiveness of machine learning models depends largely on data availability. We prepare the data for client AI projects through the data collation, exploration, and cleansing stages before the data is fed into our models.

Prototype Development

Our team of data scientists identifies and develops the algorithms which can be used to model and provide a baseline solution to your business challenge. The desired results are defined and the impact is assessed.

Solution Development

Once the prototype is accepted, Dais AI develops the final solution to be deployed in your business environment. With machine learning, supervised learning is employed to make inference based on labeled input and output. Results are tested and verified for accuracy.

Solution Implementation

After the solution is verified, we move the solution into a staging environment. At this stage, Dais AI closely monitors and evaluates the staging environment and develops a production quality version of the solution to integrate with the clients existing systems. We train the client team and provide the client with all required documentation.

Ongoing Maintenance

Your AI solution will need adjusting according to the changing environment. Our team provides ongoing support for your machine learning models and deploys mechanisms necessary to collect the required data for solution maintenance. Dais AI ensures that the models and solutions adapt and learn as the environment changes and availability of more data becomes available.